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exceeding expectations
Exceeding expectations - is our commitment to each and every customer.

It means much more to us than a tag-line our business slogan: we look at each business as unique - never applying the same approach or solution. We do not believe in 'one-size-fits-all' solutions or consulting approaches and we do not compromise on quality, level of detail, depth and breadth with any of our consulting- or digital solutions.

Our success is solely based on the success of our customers and this understanding drives each member of our team and everything we do.
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We received a recommendation to work with the Brodtmann Consulting branch in Naples, FL for a critical and highly confidential executive search and assessment during the holidays. Based on their extensive network, Brodtmann Consulting was not only able to locate a candidate with the desired skills and fit for our corporate culture, but also found potential partners for our future business needs. They are easy to work with, think- and act creatively and effectively communicate their approach and progress and thus have our highest endorsement.
- Christian von Gadow, innogy SE, Renewable Energy / Head of HR
Mir hat die Zusammenarbeit mit Ihnen viel Spaß gemacht und uns alle deutlich weitergebracht. Ich kenne niemanden, der so schnell wie Sie in einer Gruppe erkennt, woran gearbeitet werden muss und dies dann auch deutlich kommuniziert.
- Michael Semrau, innogy SE, Leiter Prozesse, Daten und Systeme
Wir brauchten neue und kundenorientierte Lösungen zum Aufbau unseres Teams. Brodtmann Consulting hat uns kompetent und proaktiv dabei unterstützt.

Wir freuen uns auf die weitere Zusammenarbeit.
- Lutz Kleischmann, innogy SE, New Way of Working
Solutions & Services
  • Timely and cost-efficient organization assessment and coaching based on our Heatmap and all organizational success factors measured. We determine which team members can benefit most from feedback and coaching and focus on those, rather than expensive, broad and untargeted initiatives
  • Challenging, realistic, balanced and fair assessment centers for CxO position applicants for any kind of business (no false positive for our customers since 2004)
  • Consulting for U.S. start-ups that are looking to expand into Europe; focus on IT security and IT-administration solutions. Our CTO has created more than $1.2bln in shareholder value in such start-ups in the U.S. (5 major acquisitions).
Organizational success Heatmap
  • Adjusted to your specific business
  • Leadership excellence
  • Employee identification with brand and vision
  • Team agility and empowerment
  • Information flow efficiency
  • Employee engagement and trust
  • Employee empowerment and motivation
  • Employee willingness to embrace change
  • Perceived integrity of the organization
Digital Assessments
All Brodtmann Consulting Solutions are built on our highly scalable SFP (Secure Feedback Platform), which runs in house or in the cloud. No need to install software for our customers.

The platform provides fully automated, digital reports based on the type of assessment and individual client requirements, e.g. applicant's analytic competence assessment (highly efficient pre-selection of candidates)
Sustainability dashboard and progress monitor
  • We teamed up with Europe's largest 'renewable energy only', $55bln energy and grid provider and developed the industry's most comprehensive assessment of organizational sustainability (resource preservation across water, air, energy, fuels; reduction of chemical use, pollution; increased recycling, trash reduction, carbon emission management and many more)
  • Assesses current environmental stance (certificate) and delivers specific, high-ROI and high Marketing equivalent initiatives to help our customers to succeed on their journey to sustainability
  • Expands established current certifications, such as Audubon International, Energy Star (all trademarks of their respective owners) to one, integrated sustainability progress platform and certification
  • Real-time progress dashboard
  • Integration with social media and automatic progress postings 'Do good and talk about it'
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